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Naughty America – As always, I start with the review.

I remember very well when I first landed on the NaughtyAmerica.Com website 6 or 7 years ago, when I was asked to review one of their website – My Friends Hot Mom. At that time, I was pretty bored by all those reality sites that were popping out like mushrooms after rain, one in a shittier quality than the other. But Naughty America pretty much revolutionized the niche in my opinion, they came up with fantasies appealing to most of us and they produced the scenes in awesome quality for that time. And what was the most important for me, somehow they managed to make the pornstars act their roles out finally – it wasn’t so silly as in other porn movies I was used to watch.


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Naughty America is a lot about busty mature women, they have sites with younger gals too but the core of their content is MILF and Tits related. I would say they used the popularity of the genre the most, sites like My Friends Hot Mom or My First Sex Teacher are phenomenons that are really hard to replicate. Those looking for the best MILF porn should definitely join Naughty America, I don’t think there is a better network in the niche in existence.

The network started with 8 or 10 sites, but now it contains almost 35 sites – part of it are live cam sites that are no longer updated thou. The longest running and best sites are My Friends Hot Mom, My First Sex Teacher, Naughty Office, My Sisters Hot Friend, Naughty Bookworms, My Dads Hot Girlfriend, Latin Adultery and some more, I am not gonna write them all here and waste your time – the list is on their site so it’s pointless.

So who is Naughty America for? All of you who love to watch porn based on a specific set of fantasies, especially MILF related. These guys shoot one of the best reality style porn of all in my opinion – they picked very attractive “dreams” – who wouldn’t want to fuck a busty teacher or some slutty mom of your friend?  They have scenes with all the big pornstars but also a lot of not so known gals, making up for a very well balanced mix.

The archive offers all of their movies for download, new and old. Of course the quality is not so hot in case of the old scenes, but the new stuff is recorded in full HD and you can always choose from multiple quality formats. The network of sites is updated with 2-3 new scenes per day, always with a matching set of high quality photos. As of today, there are 4645 scenes for download already, featuring 1815 models and the numbers are growing daily.

If I would rate Naughty America, I’d give it 95 out of 100 points.   Without any hesitation, I highly recommend this site and you shouldn’t have to think twice before becoming a member too!

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Raylene returned to porn at Naughty America

Back when I was a horny teenager, I used to watch a lot of porn, especially since I had an internet connection. Naturally, I had my “list” of favorite performers that I was loving more than the others. Majority of them are retired from porn by now, but every now and then, some of them decide to get back to the game and start shooting porn again.

One of them is my once-favorite Latina pornstar Raylene. I still remember how I loved her perfect big boobs and how I wanted to lick a pussy with such big pussy lips as hers. She wasn’t shooting movies for too long and disappeared. So you can imagine my joy when I found her in new scenes from Naughty America, she returned to porn in 2009 and I think Naughty America was the first studio she worked with in her restarted career.

Unfortunately, time left some marks on her once perfect body, so she has bigger butt now and her tits are somewhat lower than they used to be and her belly isn’t as flat as it once was too. I won’t lie to you and admit I was a bit disappointed with the way she looked now. But it was still her, fucking as good as before so I watched these new scenes anyways.

But guess what? Looks like Raylene decided she wants to get into porn again with full force and started to work out a bit. Naughty America released two new scenes this year and she looks much better in them, she lost some weight and gained some her strengths again. So the hope is not lost and one day she might be back as hot as she once was. I am certainly looking out for that day :)


Indian Goddess Priya Rai at Naughty America

Priya Anjali Rai is another hot gal I discovered at Naughty America. I remember when I saw the first scene with this awesome Indian super babe with the most perfect tits ever – it was in 2008 and that scene is still available for download in the members area. Ever since I saw this busty wonder on the site, I am on a constant hunt for her new scenes.

Priya Rai
I closely monitor about 5 sites where she regularly appears and Naughty America is one of them. They added a new scene with Priya Rai just a few days ago – on March 16th – and that’s why I am writing about her on this blog now. My indian love is still as hot as she was when I first saw her 5 years ago, actually she looked better than ever in this new scene :)

In case you are wondering about the plot for this new scene it’s pretty typical for Naughty America – Pryia Rai is a horny housewife who can’t get the cocks out of her head and then her new mailman rings at the door … what follows is pretty obvious. Just let me add that Pryia seems to be riding cock with more passion than ever.

NaughtyAmerica.Com offers 10 exclusive scenes with Pryia Rai for download, and unlike many other sites, they also have new scenes with the Indian bombshell. If you are a fan of this babe or simply love quality MILF themed porn, Naughty America is one of the best places for you to be a member of.


Veronica Avluv looks pretty at Naughty America

Another hot MILF who is getting a lot of attention lately is the sexy Veronica Avluv. This hot babe is particularly popular with MILF and Big-Tit sites alike. This fake boobed gal comes from the sunny California and I am sure many of you wouldn’t say she is almost 40 years old now. Looking at her older scenes at Naughty America, I have to admit she looks better now than she did 2 or 3 years ago.

Veronica Avluv
Veronica Avluv started in porn just 3 years ago or so, don’t know where she was before but I am certainly glad she came to that decision. When she first entered the porn biz, she wasn’t that hot as she is now – the extra attention from stylists and visage experts certainly helped her a lot and now she is one of the hottest MILFs in porn for sure.

If I should choose my favorite scene with Veronica Avluv from Naughty America, I would pick two actually. First would be the Naughty Office scene, she looks fabulous in that one, I really digg her outfit and the hairstyle. One minute she looks like a serious office gal, the next minute she sucks a hard cock like a proper slut :) The other one would be a threesome she did with India Summer, that is a cool scene too.

Veronica Avluv has 6 scenes in the members area of NaughtyAmerica.Com, plus one archive live show and an intreview. All of it is great stuff for fans of this hot busty MILF. The latest scene was added in March 2012 so it seems she is still active and more scenes could come in the future. Enjoy.


Ariella Ferrera starring at Naughty America

I noticed this Colombian hottie about 2 years ago on some sites that I can’t remember anymore. Ariella Ferrera grabbed my attention with her sexy looks and her massive tits to behonest :) Her boobs are fake of course, but pretty well done so I don’t care. Another thing I liked about her was her loud moans while having sex. So I was looking for more scenes with this Latina and found them at Naughty America.

ariella Ferrera
Ariella Ferrera has 8 scenes for download in NaughtyAmerica.Com members section, the first one was shot 2009 and the latest one is from March 2012. And the last one is what I want to talk about a bit more. This scene is pretty unique as it is one of only 4 double penetration scenes you will find on this network.

Ariella Ferrera is getting better and better with age, and she looks the best in this new scene. Maybe it’s just her makeup or what, but she is totally pretty now. Even her body and tits look somehow better now. Maybe riding the younger dudes cocks for Naughty America makes her feel and look younger too. Anyways, she takes on two younger studs in this scene, one fucks her in the butt and one takes care of her pussy.

it’s one hell of a scene and she moans loud like she always does :) If you only want to see one scene with her, make sure it is this one. The other ones are good too but this one is epic. Naughty America is packed with many more hot models and hardcore scenes, so browse around when you are there and pick what you’d like.


Sienna West shoots with Naughty America again

Cock crazed Latina pornstar with a big butt and even bigger tits … ladies and gentlemen, welcome Sienna West. This horny nympho is shooting MILF style porn for a few years already and she is still one of the most popular MILFs at Naughty America. This gal has all it need to get into wet dreams of pretty much any man and she knows that very well.

Sienna West
Sienna West isn’t the most beautiful pornstar, she actually has a few flaws, but that seems to be her advantage on the other hand as it makes her “real” so to speak. For example her boobs, they are huge but not so pretty once they jump of the bra, maybe her surgeon should try harder next time. But they still do the job and many people love her rack anyways, otherwise she wouldn’t be one of the most popular stars at Naughty America :)

What Sienna lacks in her boobs department, she cerainly more than makes up for with her big round butt and her cock riding techniques. Well before we get to the “riding” part, we shouldn’t forget about her epic blowjobs… this gal really knows how to bring guys to ecstasy with her deep mouth and big wet lips.

In case you would like to see this cock-addicted gal in action, joining Naughty America is probabyl the best bet for you, as they have more than 20 exclusive scenes with her, shot from 2007 to 2011 and more should be on the way. There are also 7 archived live shows with her available for download. Read my review of the network if you haven’t done so and then give them a visit.


Sexy MOMs from NaughtyAmerica.Com

If there is one site from the Naughty America Network that stands out and could be the most popular of them all, it is MyFriendsHotMom.Com. I will make a separate blog about that site a bit later, but for now let’s take a bit closer look at those hot moms. Many of us had the fantasy of fucking their friends mom at some point, there is no point in denying this.

Sexy MOMs
In all honesty, I had a crush on one of my friends (Peter) mom. She was a perfectly aged mature gal with slim figure and maybe C-cup breasts. Of course I never told her anything but I still think about her from time to time. So when I first discovered this site from Naughty America, it felt like an old dream come true :) If I wasn’t able to score with that mom, at least I can watch that fantasy in for of a porn movie… good enough for me ;)

The idea was cool but could easily be destroyed with bad model choice, but that doesn’t happen with Naughty America. Their MOMs are simply the hottest mature pornstars you can find. How would you like pumping the shit out of moms like Julia Ann, Lisa Ann, Vanilla DeVille, Veronica Avluv, Kristal Summers, Tanya Tae, Lezley Zen and many many other hot gals over 30?

Ok, I know its not coming close to having sex with your belowed mature gal, but if we can’t have them in real life we can at least dream about it, right? And the dreaming is much easier with a bit of inspiration and that is when Naughty America can help you. Their members area is packed with high quality porn you can use as the inspiration :)


Naughty America presents the hot Vanilla DeVille

You might know that I am reviewing adult sites for a long time already, I started to do that in 2003. And one of the first official pornstar sites that I reviewed was VanillaDeVille.Com – at that time, she was part of some bigger pornstar network. Her site was one of the first properly executed official sites and I liked the site and the model herself a lot. At that time, Vanilla was something between an amateur and an aspiring pornstar, but the times have changed and here we have her as a top pornstar shooting hardcore scenes for the best studios, including Naughty America.

Vanilla DeVille
Almost 10 years passed since the day I first saw Vanilla DeVille but she looks tastier than ever. This dark haired vixen is one of those lucky ladies who get better with age, like good wine they say :) She didn’t loose one bit of her sexuality, actually after seeing her newest Naughty America scenes, I would say she is more into fucking than ever before.

Miss DeVille is the perfect slutty Mom and her scenes from “My Friends Hot Mom” are quite frankly epic, watching this hot MILF ride the cocks of younger dudes is something to remember. Naughty America crew produced 12 scenes with this hot babe, she is usually taking the role of a horny cougar or a sex crazed teacher slut, which suits her really well.

I really love to watch Vanilla in hardcore action, it might be because I know her for so long now, but I think her amazing looks is the real reason. There are not many MILF pornstars with body like hers. Check out NaughtyAmerica.Com for some of her best porn scenes and I am sure you will become her fan too.


Madison Ivy Fucks At NaughtyAmerica.Com Too :)

I noticed the new pornstar Madison Ivy appearing on a few sites including Naughty America in 2008 or 2009, mostly in the role of a horny teen slut who is exploring the worlds her sexuality. I wasn’t too attracted to her, mostly because her tits were not of the size I usually prefer. She was always a hot babe and I could see she is a talented actress, but I simply missed something in the breast area.


That all changed in 2010 thou, when she re-apeared with a massive rack of epic proportions. Obviously, this wasn’t some vitamins or whatever, she got a breast surgery and the result is more than awesome in my opinion. She also matured a little bit and now looks simply stunning. In my humble opinion, Madison Ivy is one of the hottest pornstars of present days and Naughty America regularly hires her for new scenes.

There is something special about Madison Ivy – it’s something in her eyes – it’s like pure sexual energy flowing from them. I have no idea if it’s just good acting but Madison looks like she really enjoys sex and that she loves being a nasty slut on camera. Naughty America has several perfect scenes with this hottie. There are 10 hardcore scenes and 4 archived liveshows available for download, a bit less than half of the scenes and shows is shot before her boob job.

The latest scene with Madison Ivy was added to the members section of NaughtyAmerica.Com in february 2012 and it’s probably the best scene with her I have ever seen. The busty beautie acts the role of a busty boss who fucks her employee till he just can’t move anymore. Madison looks simply stunnning in this one, you don’t want to miss it :)


Naughty America Brings You Ava Devine

Ava Devine is quite a legend on her own, not the prettiest of pornstars but certainly the sluttiest of them all :) With Ava it’s quite easy, you either love her or hate her. Everything about her is really specific, her face, her multiple times inflated tits, her passion for cock and all things about her. The first porn scene I saw with her was a My Friends Hot Mom episode from Naughty America and I immediately started to love the way she behaved in front of the camera.

This asian slut really loved the role of a horny mother who seduced horny friends of her son, I think she really would do this in her real life if given the chance. Not many pornstars show so much passion for cock, she really looks addicted to that piece of meat. The way she sucks it and rides it, you need to see one scene with Ava Devine and you will understand what I am talking about. Naughty America has a lot of hot scenes with her, so it could be a good start.

Ava changed her looks quite a bit during the last years. If you watch the older scenes at Naughty America (for example those I already mentioned are from 2004) you will see how much she changed. She lost a bit of her beauty in my opinion, her tits are different too, but she didn’t loose an inch of her sluttyness. To be honest, I think she is a bigger slut than ever. Last time I heard about her, she was planning an anal gang bag with more than 200 attendants … go figure :)

Naughty America played an important role in her porn carreer – Ava Devine started to shoot porn with them in 2004 and she still continues as there are new episodes available for download, dated february 2012. So wether you want to see new or old scenes with Ava, make sure you check out the members section at NaughtyAmerica.Com.


Naughty America Loves The MILF Queen Lisa Ann

If there is a place that made a lot for the massive success of the current TOP MILF pornstar Lisa Ann, it’s the NaughtyAmerica.Com network and their line of mature or MILF porn sites. This busty megastar started to shoot with these guys back in 2006 and right her first scene for My First Sex Teacher was a huge success and probably the start of her best years in porn.

Lisa Ann starred in more than 20 hot episodes for the Naughty America studio and on top of that, you can watch about 15 archived live shows with your favorite busty MILF. They are not doing these liveshows anymore so you better grab them before they are gone forever, although I doubt they would dump them as its pretty good material so to speak :)

Naughty America has put Lisa Ann in several positions and roles in their scenes, utilizing her talent, big boobs and amazing MILF looks. Obviously, all her scenes are based around MILF fantasies, so expect to see her as a horny MILF writing her diary, Sex teacher screwing younger students or a horny Mom who likes to fuck with her son’s friends. She acts out well pretty much any role and her cock riding skills are simply epic.

Lisa Ann is something like a must-have for any fan of MILF porn, if you didn’t see a scene with this mature gal, you are a total nobody in terms of pornography :) Well, it’s never too late and becoming a member of Naughty America might be a good start on your exciting journey.



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